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Aug. 4th, 2010 | 03:15 am
hearing: Professional Party People - Basshunter

So, um. I start playing wow again to enjoy my new compy and I end up joining a new guild. And it's fun yeah and a nice way to get away from RL problems but then I end up with a crush on an officer... Then he friends me on FB and ends up not only being awesome but also epic cute. /facepalm

Well, at the very least I now have a pocket resto druid. XD

That aside, the guild's really nice and I love it. We're trying Ruby Sanctum tomorrow night, I hope it goes well! ICC10 is on Thursday. As a guild they haven't been doing ICC10 very long and only the GL and officers are really geared. well, slowbro is too and I'm better geared than most too. But it's fun! Everyone's pretty cool and it's nice to be in a friendly guild.

Driver's test friday... I'm gonna fail it. I know it. I'm definitely not good enough at driving yet :| but here's to dumb luck.

Not a whole lot going on lately other than wow. Of course now wow ties in with boy problems... I guess it's my own fault but I have no idea how it happened. heeeeeeeeeeeeerp derp

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