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I'm in love with the world

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Oct. 14th, 2010 | 08:16 pm
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hearing: Say Yes - Elliott Smith

askjddhafaiuehwfjkjhd I am so bad about updating now. There really isn't much worth mentioning -- I went to Pennsylvania to see Keith a couple weeks ago and it was lovely :D I plan on going again next week. It was a very pretty drive too :D And an easy one, which made mama feel a lot better about me going. I can't wait to see him again, I miss him a lot :\ His wow isn't working -- the 4.0 patch messed it up -- so we haven't been able to do much together other than talk on the phone, which is okay, it's better than nothing, but he's really frustrated about it and wants to play. I can't wait to go visit him again, it's tooooorrrrtuuuuuure. But him being 3 hours away is infinitely better than living in Atlanta ~_~

Was supposed to have a geo camping trip this weekend, but thankfully it got cancelled :D Well, not entirely, but we only have a day trip on Saturday instead of a four day trip. I'm down for that, I'm just glad I had today to do work and sleep instead of spending all day freezing in the pouring rain at outcrops ;_;

Gramma is back in the hospital... I guess she fell down in the middle of the night and she's in a lot of pain. She was disoriented and ended up taking all of her pills instead of just what she needed. So she's back there and apparently she's not coming home this time, she's going to a nursing home. Mama just can't handle taking care of her all the time, she's missed a ton of work just trying to get things situated with gram the past few days. I went to visit after my work was done today and mama showed up shortly after I did, so we kept her company today for a few hours. She's really looking worse for wear, and last time she was in this hospital, they overmedicated her and that caused her a lot of problems :\

Other than that... hrm, well, I found out I got two parking tickets today for parking in an employee parking spot. x_x I parked in a lot that has residential and employee parking, but apparently the particular spot I chose was not for residents, it was one spot away from being residential. If only there was sufficient parking on campus, augh. But I made sure to get a spot in the lot I usually park in when I got back today, and I'm just going to be extra careful from now on. Still, though. So retarded. ugh.

I'm running out of teeeeeeeeea ;_; I need mooooooar, but I don't wanna drive all the way to Carousel to get it! Ack. I shouldn't spend any more money anyways, I just got myself a ghetto little mp3 player. It's 2 gigs for $30 and it works really nicely so far, so I'm quite pleased with the purchase. I intend on eventually getting a better one, but when that happens I told mama she can have this one, since she's too much of a penny pincher to buy herself a $30 one XD I just ordered a new book and a CD on amazon too. I got the new Hilari Bell book because you'd best believe I'm buying her new books the day they come out, and I bought an Elliott Smith CD, which I blame entirely on Keith for introducing me to his music. I can't wait for those to get here :D

That just about sums everything up lately. I'm pretty happy lately, in no small part because of Keith, and it seems like I live my life counting down the days until I get to see him again. Which is fine. He's wonderful, and I love him :D

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